COVID-19 Forcing Digital Transformation: A Cloud Computing Revolution

With so much uncertainty for companies during locking down, one thing was sure. Without the cloud during the lockdown, companies would not have been to assemble a functioning work from home model. Simply put, without the cloud, many companies would have been non-operational with disastrous downtime and minimal productivity. The lockdown has forced company execs to...

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Executives Focus on Cost Control in the wake of COVID-19

As companies slowly re-assemble themselves to operational efficiency and transition to a state of BAU [Business as Usual], albeit with an unknown timeline, many C-Level execs and IT leaders are re-shaping their strategies for the next two years and beyond. IT Initiatives will accelerate dramatically, and in parallel, a strong emphasis will be put on operational...

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ITO/BPO Outsourcing: COVID-19 Forcing companies to re-evaluate their options

Poland becomes a top destination for quality when it comes to ITO and BPO outsourcing: While the COVID-19 pandemic is still crippling many companies as they struggle to come back to typical ways of working, business executives have had time to re-think their outsourcing strategies.  Many global companies still turn to cheaper alternatives, but more and more c-level...

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All Rise for Poland: A Thriving Outsource Destination

Source:  It’s hard to believe that up until 1989, Poland was governed and ruled by the crushing grip of Communism as the Soviet Union took over Eastern Europe after World War II and strangled economic growth. At that time, Poland was seen as a powerless country with no...

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FlexDev wins Best Bespoke IT Outsourcing Solutions Provider 2019

Drawing on extensive research and development, FlexDev is a Global Software Development and Services company that builds Next Generation Delivery Centers NGDC+ for tier one global companies to help future-proof their business. Such support is vital to driving the ongoing success of the corporate landscape, and as such US Business News is proud to profile the firm...

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