COVID-19 Forcing Digital Transformation: A Cloud Computing Revolution

With so much uncertainty for companies during locking down, one thing was sure. Without the cloud during the lockdown, companies would not have been to assemble a functioning work from home model. Simply put, without the cloud, many companies would have been non-operational with disastrous downtime and minimal productivity.

The lockdown has forced company execs to look at many aspects of their business and are currently looking at operational efficiency but also ways of working. With so much advanced technology at our fingertips, a massive surge in remote working has taken place, and business execs are now examining which job functions can fall into the category of WFH [Working from Home].

The power of the cloud has also enabled operational efficiency for remote delivery contact centers [BSS SSC's] for IT and Finance functions. This allows remote locations to collaborate effortlessness, allowing them to gain secure access to co-edit documents, company sensitive data, analytics, and pretty much all data required to perform as an extended office.

The Polish cloud services market is developing very quickly. A massive surge has been seen since 2018. Polish companies are leveraging cloud services at a rapid pace due to demand from customers requiring high-quality outsourcing services.

As the surge to Poland intensifies, and Poland takes the lead in Europe as the top place to outsource BPO/Finance mission-critical functions, state of the art infrastructure and data services are required to support Poland's growing global customer base.

Good News when outsourcing ITO and BPO functions to Poland

With a high demand for top quality services in the ITO and BPO space, Microsoft recently announced that it would be investing 1 billion USD in a  data centre that will support local organizations to offer a better quality of services and access to cloud services.  Shortly after, Google announced that it would be investing 2 billion USD in a data centre in Poland to deal with cloud services to support global and local businesses.

Cloud data centers offer increased performance, higher capacity, and greater ease of management compared with traditional data centers. With the current shifts in outsourcing trends and significant technology investments being seen in Poland, this is excellent news when looking to outsource as customers can rely on state of the art cloud data centers and services which speed up collaborative ways of working with tight security. This is all good news for companies that want to outsource to Poland. The country is rapidly shifting to becoming the top technology hub in Europe.

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    By Graham Fell: Executive Vice President, US, EMEA, FlexDev 
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