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Award-winning Global Software Development and Services company

FlexDev is an award-winning Global Software Development and Services company that builds Next Generation Delivery Centers NGDC+ for tier 1 global companies to help future-proof their business. Simply put, FlexDev builds ITO and BPO centers of excellence with a real focus on integrating each customers culture and DNA. The end solution is a client’s own tailor-made Next Generation Delivery Center setup by FlexDev. It is a long-term end-2-end solution with significant risk distribution and predicted cost savings within approximately 12 – 18 months.

Extend business with experts

Setup external entity with client’s branding and culture

Drive down costs and share risks

Keep compliance standards at highest levels

Increase quality and improve processes

Speed up time to market

Next Generation Delivery Centers NGDC+

FlexDev have pioneered a Next Generation Delivery Center NGDC+ model using the latest methodologies and technologies available on the market today. The center build model is used by companies as a strong alternative to a traditional outsourcing model. Our clients are in the same time zone (Nearshore). FlexDev employs best in class finance, business and IT professionals to help exceed our client’s expectations. Polish specialists are some of the most advanced in the world and score the top scores in various rankings.

Helps companies with future-proofing their business

Our Next Generation Delivery Center NGDC+ builds help companies with future-proofing their business. When analysed in detail, no other company offers what we do. Clients want to not just offshore anymore due to the trends and shift changes, but they also want to make sure that their talent that they invest in stays within the company. This is a major issue in the UK as it's soon predicted there will be a shortfall of 800,00 tech professionals and they war to pinch the best talent will intensify. FlexDev is addressing this issue with building for our clients their own centers with their own teams. Each center has its own bespoke culture and DNA integrated, unique to each of our clients.

Highly skilled teams of experts

FlexDev has highly skilled teams of experts with a proven track record of setting up an external entity in following areas, providing end -to-end solutions in the areas of

  • Legal
  • Administration
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Finances
  • HR
  • General Management
  • Marketing
Current challenges facing companies

Due to the current and impending shortfall of business and IT professionals for the U.K. market and the challenge to find talent, other issues will arise in the form of retention. Supply and demand are already an issue and companies will enter bidding wars to lock down the best professionals for the job. Retention will be a problem as professionals will accept better paying jobs, so how to secure and keep talent must be addressed. The traditional outsourcing model to offshore companies will no longer suffice. With changes happening so quickly, it no longer makes service or commercial sense to offshore as it once did. It is no longer true that a supplier who can muster thousands of cheap resources (which are not as cheap as they used to be) represents a compelling proposition. FlexDev has created a Next Generation Delivery Center NGDC+ model that lets us manage and build our clients own centres.

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