ITO/BPO Outsourcing: COVID-19 Forcing companies to re-evaluate their options

Poland becomes a top destination for quality when it comes to ITO and BPO outsourcing:

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still crippling many companies as they struggle to come back to typical ways of working, business executives have had time to re-think their outsourcing strategies.  Many global companies still turn to cheaper alternatives, but more and more c-level executives are weighing up their options and looking at the impact of paying less versus paying more, to get higher quality, which ultimately reduces cost and ensures the highest standards in compliance.

Company execs realize that they cannot entirely depend on their traditional outsourcing locations; outsourcing IT and Finance must be more accurate and correct the first time, and there is no room for error. While traditional destinations can still be used for transactional-based processing, a new level of confidence and layer of quality is required so that company leaders can be assured that their business is in safe hands, and enable them to free up their valuable time and focus on the essential things like "running their business" rather than worrying about quality and compliance and any potential data breach. As Poland is currently being thrust into the top rankings for the best destination to outsource too in a variety of areas, Poland is rapidly gaining momentum and gaining an ever-increasing reputation for high-quality service and service excellence. Poland is a major global SSC/BSS hub and is very experienced and well-positioned when it comes to owning mission-critical business process and successfully works alongside their traditional customer's preferred partners but takes over control of critical business process, adding a higher level of quality which ensures compliance. Polish business professionals are some of the most qualified in the world with a solid work ethic. These skills are now critical when outsourcing IT and Finance functions.


In Poland, the processing of personal data by businesses is highly regulated by the GDPR Act of 10 May 2018.  Poland benefits from EU and US standards in IP protection, and data security. It is for this reason that Poland is becoming such a popular destination for top global companies where compliance is so essential and also a legal obligation. This would explain the recent insurgence of interest in the country as it takes top position and rises in being a preferred location for major organizations around the world with regards to IT and Finance outsourcing.

Culture "speeds up" Digital Transformation

Culturally there is very little difference between Poland, the U.S and other European countries. It has been proven that having the correct cultural alignment can speed up business processes. This contrasts with the top outsourcing software destinations, where culture is so different, it can damage the brand and thwart business progress.  Polish people have excellent language skills and are among the top in the world when it comes to EF English Proficiency rankings. Polish people are highly educated and direct when communicating [reducing any risk for any misunderstandings]. This makes Poland a perfect destination when considering fully outsourcing ITO/BPO functions or, partially outsourcing ITO/BPO functions.

Poland should no longer be viewed as a cheaper alternative, but more of a centre of excellence for delivering high value-added services and solutions.

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By Graham Fell: Executive Vice President, US, EMEA, FlexDev 

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