Executives Focus on Cost Control in the wake of COVID-19

As companies slowly re-assemble themselves to operational efficiency and transition to a state of BAU [Business as Usual], albeit with an unknown timeline, many C-Level execs and IT leaders are re-shaping their strategies for the next two years and beyond.

IT Initiatives will accelerate dramatically, and in parallel, a strong emphasis will be put on operational efficiency, a tighter grip will be placed on expense management, and all-around cost control plans will be rolled out which will include keeping IT budgets flat or reduced. 80% of the world's companies still rely on contingent workforces and use offshore and nearshore locations to fulfill this demand.

With a strong emphasis on cost control, business execs need to be mindful not to jeopardize quality by opting for a cheaper alternative as it's well proven that this can have a detrimental effect on the business and end up costing more in the long run.

Focus on Quality:

Quality means being consistent in your work with the highest standards, at all times. It means following well defined and proven design processes and methodologies that will save time, money, and effort in the long and short term. It is also critical to partner with the correct outsourcing partner that understands the importance of culture and as this will speed up transformation programs. Poland is paving the way as a leading destination that uses the lasts methodologies and best practices.

As Poland gains more and more momentum as a place for high quality and is responsive to an accelerated need for digitally educated STEM talent, there is also a close cultural alignment to the western world. Saving costs by using cheaper workforce can, in the end, cost you more in the long term. When outsourcing mission-critical outsourcing functions for IT and Finance, never compromise quality as the ramifications can be very damaging and sometimes irreversible.

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    By Graham Fell: Executive Vice President, US, EMEA, FlexDev 
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