AI and BI Digital Journey Mapping

AI and BI Digital Journey Mapping:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence: (BI) Unlock powerful data to increase automation

Analysts predict that by 2020, artificial intelligence technologies will be in almost every new software and service release. And if they’re not actually in them, technology vendors will probably use smoke and mirrors marketing tactics to make users believe they are.

Many tech vendors already shoehorn the AI label into the marketing of every new piece of software they develop, and it’s causing confusion in the market. To muddle things further, major software vendors accuse their competitors of egregious mislabeling, even when the products in question truly do include artificial intelligence technologies.

AI mischaracterization is one of the three major problems in the AI market, as highlighted by Gartner recently. More than 1,000 vendors with applications and platforms describe themselves as artificial intelligence products vendors, or say they employ AI in their products, according to the research firm. It’s a practice Gartner calls “AI washing” — similar to the cloud washing and greenwashing, which have become prevalent over the years as businesses overexaggerate their association to cloud computing and environmentalism.

Exploiting data to support your digital journey

Organizations too often do not unlock the power of their existing data to support their digital Journey. At Flexdev we work with organizations in understanding the existing data within siloed systems to see what can be surfaced.

FLEXDEV uses a combination of industry consultants and data scientists to generate business proof of concepts. Each proof of concept is designed to underpin and support the transformation to a longer term digital future (future-proofing)

Our experience targets the 3 identified areas

  • Business Process automation
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics
  • AI

FLEXDEV business process analysis, looks at areas for automation to remove duplication or repetitive tasks. Using out journey mapping methods, our consultants work with clients in understanding the interactions between employees, business and customers. These interactions generate touch points within an organization for both manual and self-service. The aim of this journey mapping is to identify the road map for POCs and software developments required to enhance the experience for those interactions.

A customer or employee who can self-serve accurately, 24×7 within an organization is more likely to return as a customer or have a greater experience working at a company. These may seem like small touches or ‘we already have a system for that’ can be a management view, but understanding the end to end process, data requirements and consumption methods can rise to greater benefits for an organization. With these back-office tasks being driven towards automation, an organization can focus on higher value work within the business, developing what is core, rather than what is necessary.

FlexDevs machine learning and predictive analytics offers organizations deep insight into the way their business is run and the interactions that take place with customers. Through studying data and patterns, FLEXDEV offers the opportunity for organizations to predict future business trends and habits. The benefit of this to organizations is the ability to start and predict the future, understanding what investments need to be made where or how changes to the eco system affect the products and services that are offered within the market place.

With adaptive machine learning, not only does the technology initially start to make decisions based upon data and information, but also learns. The learning algorithms developed starts the initial assessments, but more data and access to larger resources across the data, helps improve those decisions and trend analysis.

The phrase Artificial Intelligence is now used widely and common place in all our day to day business conversations. But many organizations still mix many of these concepts together. After understanding the data available and the interactions, strategies around AI can now start to be formed. The intelligence is gained from the information gathered and the artificial is the interaction. Using natural language systems and decision trees, customers and employees can start to interact with organizations like never on channels never thought possible. This means from a user perspective a business is always awake, wanting to understand and service its customers and employees, while underneath the covers, the systems and processes are working together to deliver that digital solution.

In summary, many organizations have still had not yet developed a strategy upon which way to go or what to build first and in most cases, is a knee jerk reaction to industry and analyst pressure. FLEXDEV helps organizations to develop that digital strategy, based upon industry understanding a careful analysis across all components. By combining and road mapping all three components (process integration, machine learning and analytics with Artificial Intelligence), underpinned by commodity and cloud infrastructure, organizations can feel the benefits of a fully-fledged and developed digital strategy.

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