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FlexDev is a Global Software Development and Services company that provides on-demand, flexible technology solutions and services that enables companies with their digital IT transformation initiatives.

By leveraging our Next Generation Delivery Center+ (NGDC) Head Quartered in Poznan, Poland, helps companies ensure they are receiving the highest quality of service and skills, and ensure they control costs, hit their business objectives while at the same time, driving down costs.

FlexDev enables digital transformation services and offers 3 areas of expertise to future proof organizations:

  • IT Modernization
  • Scalable Enterprise Solutions
  • AI and BI Digital Journey Mapping

FlexDev has extensive highly skilled software consultants and IT experts that have unrivaled experience in terms of quality of service. We offer several engagement models – Nearshore/Onshore, Managed Teams, Managed Services, and Managed Projects. All of our services are delivered from our Next Generation Delivery Center (NGDC) in Poland. By leveraging FlexDev’s NGDC we enable companies to:

  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Increase quality
  • Drive down costs

Next Generation Delivery Center+ (NGDC)

FlexDev have pioneered a Next Generation Delivery Center using the latest methodologies and technologies available on the market today. The Center is leveraged by companies as an alternative to offshoring and services clients in the same time zone (Nearshore). FlexDev employs best in class business and IT professionals to help exceed our client’s expectations.

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Rafal Chomicz


Graham Fell

Executive Vice President
North America, APAC

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